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Nocturnal Pictures have some incredible opportunites for Executive Producers and Professional Investors to support our Slate of movies in development.

If this is you, and you want to be apart of an incredibly talented team bringing stories to the screen, then get in touch now and be apart of the filmmaking process.

For more details please see our FAQ section below.

  • Why Nocturnal Pictures?
    Nocturnal Pictures are a rapidly growing production company who have firmly rooted themselves in high quality productions that are commercial and marketable to a wide audience. We produced our debut feature film "The Last Rite" on a micro budget that saw huge success and sold to Samuel Goldwyn Films in the U.S for a HULU release, plus several other territories releasing worldwide including the UK on Sky and Amazon. Nocturnal Pictures has also just completed Creative UK’s “Evolve” programme for being a "highly promised screen businesses" ready for growth investment. We have spent several years crafting a brand which oozes into all our productions through its cinematic vision and storytelling narrative and are now in the position to scale the company with its hard-hitting genre movies. Hollywood loosing out to blockbuster britain - The Times Why Horror Films kill at the box office all year round - CNN Business UK Film and TV hits record high in 2021, with indies up 39% - Screen International
  • Why should I invest into genre movies?
    Genre movies, especially Horror has been the most profitable genre over the past decade and (especially during the pandemic), it has been the only genre that has proven consistent success at the Box Office alone. Horror movies can be well produced for a lower production budget thus maximising profit potential. Unlike most other genres, horror doesn’t solely rely on the need to have a well-known cast member to help bring in big returns. A solid story that fits the conventions of the genre/sub-genre is the key selling point itself. As the world around us gets more chaotic and dysfunctional, audiences turn to Horror films as a form of escapism from the horrors of everyday life, thus the demand for more unique voices in this genre to fill that void, making now more than ever the right time for investment into film. 2022 Horror success proves originality can win - Game Rant Horror Movies make more profit, heres why - Screen Rant Low budget horror movies that killed it at the Box Office - Moneywise Hollywood turned its nose up at Horror - Now streamers are racing for the next big scare - The Verge
  • Why invest into independent film?
    Investment into independent film allows the company to remain independent and in total control of their film and IP. Independent film needs to be kept alive not just in the UK but worldwide, its the backbone for creative and original stories and rising talent who are able to take those risks. Genre films can offer the greatest returns in the independent space, simply because they do not need huge production budgets and expensive P&A spends, and independent companies do not have big overheads to recoup before you start to see a return. With a well-structured finance plan combined with high execution values, a movies financial success is not solely centred around performing well at the box-office, in order to see a good return on investment. "Indies have always been an important training ground for British talent, though. As Bentham notes, they provide “probably one of the toughest boot camps you could ever attend” for filmmaking. It’s in the streamers and studios’ interest, then, to preserve this space and keep “feeding that pipeline”. - Streaming is booming in Britain - Evening Standard
  • What do I get in return?
    Aside from the potential for returns on your investment, there are a raft of other ancillary advantages to investing into Movies with Nocturnal Pictures: Your name as an Executive Producer in the film credits and professional listing on IMDB Set visits and a chance to meet the Cast Invitations to the red-carpet premiere Invitations to film festivals if the film is selected Signed posters, DVD's by the Director and Cast Plus you will be supporting incredible British talent who are rising in the industry and be apart of an exciting journey.
  • How do you mitigate risks?
    As with all investments, there is always an element of risk involved and the film business is no different. We will always look to mitigate risk by maximising as many soft funds as possible for each production, (E.g UK film Tax Credit) and ensure we partner with world class talent and renowned sales agents to ensure all revenue streams are exploited to the fullest. Nocturnal Pictures pride themselves of being extremely hard working, trustworthy and loyal, and consistently providing high value and high execution to everything they do.
  • How can I find out more?
    If you would like to discuss further please email Chloe on the below to discuss options: Chloe Chudasama

Frequently Asked Questions

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