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Nocturnal Pictures is an independent film production company based in Kent, who produce dark, high concept story driven narratives excelling in the horror, action, and thriller genres.


Comprised of highly enthusiastic individuals with an intense work ethic and a passion for storytelling, Nocturnal Pictures combines the perfect balance of ingenious creativity and strategic business heads.

" Light loses its relevance without darkness."

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With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera, Leroy featured on shows created by companies such as ITV, BBC, WWE and PARAMOUNT.

Before turning his creative hand to the film industry, Leroy was one of the UK’s top professional Wrestlers, holding a heavyweight championship and at the peak of his career had a televised match on WWE’s SMACKDOWN at the O2 arena.

It was around this point in his life, Leroy realised that he wanted to be the creator of his own destiny, so after what was looking to be a very promising future in the wrestling business, Leroy found his true passion for the film industry, and decided to embark on becoming a film director.

Wanting to express his storytelling creativity, he founded Nocturnal Pictures in 2014 and has written & directed several short films and music videos. 


After several projects and a lot of blood sweat and tears, in 2019 Leroy decided to take a leap of faith and shoot his Directorial Debut feature film “The Last Rite” which is due for release in 2021.


With a distinctive style, dark vision and thought evoking take on story narrative, Leroy is currently building a slate of genre movies fitting for what his imagination can create in a dark cinematic universe.



Chloe has worked as a Senior Project Manager & Producer in event production and PR for over 10 years managing some of the worlds leading brands and high growth organisations, where she has handled large scale live events, movie launches and PR stunts. Managing budgets of up to £2 million and clients such as SONY PICTURES, ADIDAS , Stella McCartney and General Electric.

Transitioning her skills from event producing into film producing, Chloe has three short films under her belt and her debut feature film "The Last Rite" due for release in 2021.


She has a keen eye for producing action & horror films and is very passionate about creating market potential for all Nocturnal Pictures motion pictures.

Leroy is a talent to be reckoned with. This is one of the most assured low budget first-time films that I have seen in a long time.

~ Frightfest Film Festival

We worked with Chloe on an ambitious event to promote The Angry Birds Movie at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and were struck by her ability to juggle the many moving parts efficiently, her cost-efficient approach, and her grace under pressure. I highly recommend her.

~ Sony Pictures Releasing International



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Horror Completed 2021

Survival Horror In Development

Action / Horror In Development

Sci Fi / Thriller In Development

Fantasy / Thriller In Development


Action / Thriller Released 2017

Horror Released 2018

Action / Crime Released 2014

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